dental cleanings

Dental Cleanings

Dental Cleanings

dental cleaning

Our dental cleanings in St. Petersburg are key when it comes to protecting your teeth and gums from cavities and dental disease.

Your home dental care routine should be comprised of twice daily brushing and daily flossing. Also, a visit to our office in St.  Petersburg for a dental cleaning at least once every six months.

Our seasoned dental hygienists meticulously remove the plaque and tartar that naturally build up on teeth. Our dentists in St. Petersburg conduct a dental cleaning and thorough examination of your mouth, diagnosing and treating any issues, such as tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer, and tooth loss, before they worsen.

Not only does your smile play a significant role in your appearance, but oral health impacts overall physical health and well-being. Our dental cleaning office in St. Petersburg uses the most thorough and modern techniques available to help you protect your teeth and gums, and preserve a confident smile.