full mouth reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Without healthy teeth and gums, life gets complicated. A damaged mouth means trouble enjoying everyday activities like eating, communicating, and smiling. Fortunately, Dr. Krueger is experienced in helping patients rebuild their smile with full mouth reconstruction at our St. Petersburg dental office. Using a variety of treatments based on each patient’s dental needs, he makes sure every denture and tooth implant is comfortably in place for successful chewing, talking, and smiling. Dr. Kruegar is who you need to see for life changing dental implants in St. Petersburg.

Each full mouth reconstruction in St. Petersburg begins with a consultation and examination of the patient’s mouth. Dr. Krueger will assess the dental damage and recommend treatments at our St Petersburg facility like full mouth dental implants or partial dentures. Our team of St. Petersburg full mouth reconstruction experts work with Dr, Krueger to address a number of dental implant and reconstruction needs. Some of the more common treatments implemented include:

St Petersburg Dental Implants
Surgically implanted into the jaw, our dental implants in St. Petersburg are titanium rods with a tooth structure on top that replace missing teeth and improve oral functions. Patients choose partial and full mouth dental implants at our St. Petersburg office as a permanent solution to their dental issues.

St Petersburg Dentures
Dentures are a removable structure of replacement teeth that can be inserted into the mouth when needed. Dentures serve as an alternative for those who cannot receive dental implants or want a more affordable solution. Dr. Krueger will measure a patient’s teeth and gums to develop a custom set of dentures for everyday use.

St Petersburg TMJ
Treatment The lower jaw is connected to the skull by temporomandibular joints, also known as TMJs. Irregular chewing and other muscle movements can damage and strain these muscles and cause severe headaches or jaw popping. Full mouth reconstruction readjusts the jaw to prevent further TMJ damage and correct improper movements.

So if you are looking for an experienced dental professional in the St. Petersburg area who can install full mouth dental implants and other reconstruction procedures, call our office today!