Dental Insurance: What Are The Best Plans?

When embarking on our careers and receiving our first job offers, many of us don’t think about the long-term implications of securing good dental insurance. If we are blessed enough to have had excellent dental health, we are just elated to be offered a benefits package.

But, if you’ve ever had a toothache, however, you know how important it is to have good coverage when you need it, and how taking advantage of preventative care provided by insurance companies is essential to maintaining good health and offsetting emergency situations.

Over time, and with life experiences such as getting married, having children, and aging, our insurance needs change. Knowing what you are going into when searching for the best dental deal is key to making sure that you get the most bang for your insurance buck.

What Should I Be Looking For In A Dental Plan?

Consider the needs of each member of your family. If you are single, it is easy to evaluate what you need, as long as you commit to maintaining proactive and preventative care. Those with families and loved ones that will have more complicated dental requirements might require a little more time in comparison shopping.

You want to make sure that your dental care doesn’t “dent” your pocketbook. Kids, for example, might need other services such as fluoride, sealants, and even braces. Look for plans that allow for these additional expenditures at minimal cost to you.

  • Shop around for plans in your area. Narrow your search to include your city and start there. Some insurance companies do not offer programs in specific areas, so finding one in your immediate area that fits your budget is ideal. Your plan should include communications with offices that are local in case there is a need to discuss coverage and services.

  • Look for plans that include several local dentists and dental practices. Take the opportunity to shop around for someone you would like to work with, rather than taking the first dentist that fits the bill. Working with someone that you know is qualified and trust alleviates much of the anxiety that many people feel when receiving dental care.

  • Consider all of the costs. What will your monthly premium be? Can you afford to pay that each month? Will that particular plan meet your needs? Consider not only monthly cost but what your deductible and out of pocket expenses will be in a calendar year. Many insurance companies have an annual plan maximum, and if exceeded, no other services will be provided to you unless you pay for yourself. If a plan is too expensive, then move on to the next one.

  • Learn about what treatments your dental plan will cover. Most routine services under standard dental insurance plans are included, or at least a more considerable portion. Generally speaking, plans exclude specialized treatments such as whitening, dentures, and other cosmetic procedures such as veneers, but some plans partially cover cosmetic dentistry. Make sure you know what the program you are considering will pay for, at what percentage, and what not.

  • Think about a discount dental plan or a flex spending account to cover additional expenses. While different from traditional coverage, a discount plan allows you to join a group of people for additional savings on services. A flex spending account is a program that supplements insurance plans by allowing you to put tax-free dollars into a pool to for other services that may not be covered by insurance. Learn more about each of these additional options for coverage, and if contributing to them would be right for you and your family.


What Do Good Dental Plans Cover?

Full coverage dental plans mean different things to different people. For some, full coverage means routine cleanings, x rays, and other preventative care, as long as you maintain a regular schedule of care.

For others, it may mean a plan may need to cover or at least partially cover all products and services used in dental care. Most dental insurance companies offer a wide range of programs appropriate for all care needs and all income levels. Working with these providers to find out what plan best suits you and taking advantage of opportunities to learn more about your plan will ensure that you get the care you need at a fair and reasonable price.

Where Do I Begin Looking For Dental Insurance?

While there are many dental insurance companies in existence today, there are some tried and true companies that have stood the test of time and are widely used by dentists nationwide. They include:

  • Delta Dental

  • Guardian

  • Humana

  • Aetna

  • Cigna

  • UnitedHealthcare

  • Physicians Mutual

  • AARP

  • Ameritas

  • Spirit Dental And Vision

Talk with your dental care provider to find out which plans they accept, and what plans their practices partner recommend. Knowledge is power, and knowing more about insurance plans and coverage that offered is key to making sure to meet your needs without financial overextension.

Dr. Gordon E. Krueger--Your Partner In Dental Health

The professionals at Dr. Krueger’s office are caring experts in all dental care and also in dental coverage. They will work with you to maximize your coverage while restoring your dental health at minimum cost to you. They use their knowledge and expertise in dental care and insurance plans to make sure you get the best care at the best price.

Don’t navigate the confusing world of insurance care alone; let us work with you to find a plan that works for you and your whole family. Contact us today at (727) 384-6533, and speak to Tracy, who has assisted hundreds of patients to navigate their way through the myriad of dental plans on the market.

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