Show Off Your Smile This Summer!

Summer motivates us to get into shape, improve the look and feel of our skin, and to generally improve ourselves as we think about the buzzing social calendars we must maintain. We attend neighborhood barbecues, hang out at the pool with friends, and attend sporting events and more formal social functions.

Your smile is the icing on your cake. Putting effort into improving other aspects of your appearance without polishing up your smile leaves something to be desired. Won’t it be wonderful to attend your next summer event knowing that you have done a head to toe upgrade, finishing with a whiter and brighter smile?

We all want to look and feel our best; we all want to attend parties, and social functions with increased confidence--your smile communicates that confidence to others. A smile that is less than vibrant can be a burden on you as you navigate your summer season. No matter what the occasion, you are bound to be met with other smiling faces around you. Why not reflect some of that happiness back to them with your best smile?

Your Stack Of Summer RSVP’s

No doubt you have many things coming up this summer, such as:

  • Class Reunions--As life goes on, people get pulled in different directions. Being able to reunite and relive stories with old friends from some of the greatest times in your life will have you grinning from ear to ear as you reminisce about the crazy things you did as kids together. Show off a smile that looks just as bright and youthful as it did twenty years ago.

  • Weddings--Summer is an ideal time for a wedding celebration. Whether you are a guest or a member of the bridal party, you are likely to be caught on camera, so why not show off your beautiful smile to commemorate the day?

  • Graduation Parties--A graduation is a special time in a young person’s life, one that is marked with memory making and picture taking. You’ll no doubt want to be in on the action, so make sure your smile is healthy and vibrant for the occasion.

  • Backyard barbecues and summer cocktail parties--birthdays, summer cookouts, 4th of July celebrations, and other festive gatherings fill up our summers pretty quickly. These are all fond memories we can look back on when we are facing the bleak months that winter affords us. What kind of smile do you want present in your memory making pictures?

Your smile is a reflection of how you take care of yourself, and it is a presentation to all who view you. Caring for and presenting your best smile communicates that you are confident and self-assured. Your smile commands attention, no matter where you are.


Attaining Your Brightest And Best Smile

Being proactive about oral health is essential to creating your best smile. Here are some things you must do at home to improve your oral health.

  1. Brush your entire mouth, not just your teeth. Bacteria are present in every area of the mouth, so brushing and rinsing mouth, tongue, teeth, cheeks, and gums regularly will reduce the number of unwelcome intruders living there.

  2. Floss! This cannot be stressed enough. Flossing is essential to preventing periodontal disease, for it takes cleaning where brushing alone cannot go. Getting in along the gumline and in between teeth to remove tartar buildup and excess food particles will reduce the risk of decay and buildup which contributes to advanced stages of periodontitis.

  3. Consume a healthy diet rich in fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Eliminating processed, sugary, sticky, and acidic foods will protect the outer layer of enamel on your teeth that safeguards against decay and disease. If you must have some of these “forbidden” foods, make sure you brush your teeth as soon as possible after consuming them.

  4. Visit your dental care professionals on a regular basis. As proactive as you might be at home, there really is no substitute for getting into your dental professional twice a year for deep cleaning, assessment, and x rays. A dentist can look at your oral health on a deeper level and is able to diagnose and proactively treat issues that do come up. In addition, he can provide helpful advice on how to stop the progression of decay and disease, and offer tips on how to improve your hygiene practices at home.

Your Dental Wellness Experts

Dr. Gordon Krueger, DDS, MS, PA, has over twenty-five years of experience in designing the perfect smiles for his patients. Specializing in restoring and maintaining the best smiles possible, he and his talented team of associates will ensure that you receive premium care as you improve your dental health. If the summer months are creeping up on you, and you are finding the need to get your smile camera ready, look no further. Visit today to set up an appointment.

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