New Year's Resolution: Improve Your Dental Health

The New Year is an ideal time for setting goals and resolutions about improving your health. A critical component to total health is the health of your teeth and gums. Whether you work to improve your brushing schedule, make flossing a regular part of your dental care routine, or resolve to visit your dental care professionals more often, seeking to improve your health and setting goals for yourself are always in season. The key to making and keeping a resolution successfully is to set smaller, achievable goals and then taking consistent steps toward reaching them.

Here are some resolutions you should make in the New Year to help improve your overall dental health: Avoid gum disease. 

Daily brushing and flossing will be most effective at reducing your risk of periodontal disease. It is also the simplest way to prevent oral decay. Regular brushing and flossing will minimize the buildup of plaque, a substance that sticks to teeth and causes the enamel to weaken, making your teeth susceptible to disease and decay. Your dentist usually recommends that you brush your teeth at least twice, and floss once daily, to remove sticky food particles and other substances that can build up and harm teeth and gums.

Visit your dentist. While practicing good home hygiene habits is excellent, there is no substitute for visiting your dental care professionals for a good scrubbing. Your dentist will use special methods to completely rid teeth of tartar and plaque, leaving your teeth polished and protected. Your dentist is also trained to examine teeth and gums and make suggestions with regard to preventative and follow up care. Through a combination of cleaning, examinations, and x-rays, your dentist can diagnose potential problems and work to resolve them; he is your ally on the road to dental health.

Avoid harmful substances that can compromise dental health. Consumption of sticky, sugary, or acidic foods can harm teeth, as they can cause the buildup of plaque and weaken tooth enamel. The use of alcohol and tobacco products further compromises the health of your mouth, as they can greatly speed up the development of gum disease and degeneration. Do you what you can to avoid these substances, and instead opt for eating fresh fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains as part of a healthy diet. Make sure to drink plenty of fresh, clean water and other beverages that are low in acidity and sugar to protect your mouth.

Improve the look of your smile. Red wine, tobacco, coffee, and tea can make your smile less than vibrant. Rather than embracing your fifty shades of gray, why not undergo natural tooth whitening procedures. Your dentist has plenty of options for safe tooth whitening that you can consider as part of total dental health. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals or bleaching agents, as these can weaken tooth enamel and cause painful sensitivity. Preserve and protect your newly polished whites by continuing to practice solid dental hygiene habits and avoiding those foods and drinks that might stain teeth.

Restore and protect your teeth. Many dental insurance plans renew after the first of the year, making it the perfect time to get some much needed dental work finished. Crowns, bridges, and fillings will help preserve tooth structures and prevent further damage to mouth, teeth, and gums.

Damaged teeth, due to cracking and grinding, are weakened teeth. Stress, anxiety, and a misaligned bite are all contributors to this potentially painful condition. Talk to your dentist about finding solutions to help you relieve your stress and end your grinding.

Dr. Gordon E. Krueger: Your Dental Health Partner In The New Year

We know that your smile is an essential part of who you are, and we honor your commitment to dental health with every procedure that we perform. With a full range of dental treatments to address every condition, we commit to giving you the information that you need to make decisions about treatment, allowing you to co-create a care plan with us that works for you. If you have a resolution to improve your oral health, contact us today. Visit for more information. A healthy and vibrant smile is yours in 2019!

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