How Technology Is Making Your Dental Visit Easier

Many people have a negative preconception around visiting the dentist. In fact, almost 15 percent of Americans report a fear or phobia around going to the dentist that prevents them from visiting regularly. Many adults who avoid going are remembering unsavory events from childhood when technologies were not so innovative, and many procedures were uncomfortable and at times, painful.

Today, with advances in technology and a focus on patient-centered care, many dentists focus on making visits as pleasant and pain-free as possible. Minimizing pain, providing comfort, and providing the patient opportunities to make choices with regard to care are all at the forefront of dental practice today, along with some innovative technologies that are making dental visits almost like a spa experience. No need to keep avoiding the inevitable; read on to see what technologies are available to you in dentistry today:

Inviting Atmosphere Is A Priority.

Today’s dental office is more comfortable and relaxing. Patients have the opportunity to listen to music or watch television during procedures, and waiting rooms have a softer, homier feel. Quite often, dentists will add amenities and other personal touches to make you feel at ease before, during and after procedures. Take advantage of this opportunity to relax before your appointment, and know that your dental care professional is as concerned about your comfort as you are.

Patient-Centered Care Puts You In The Driver’s Seat.

Gone are the days when dentists make decisions exclusively for their patients. When you walk into a dental professional’s office now, you are an integral part of your care process. You have the opportunity to become educated about dental care, to ask questions about options that are yours to consider, and most importantly, you get to make decisions based on what you feel is best for you and your dental health. Think of your dentist as a trusted advisor, ready to give you advice on your dental health, but ultimately you become the decision maker. That change alone is enough to make most people more comfortable receiving dental care; take advantage of your new position and begin having conversations with your dentist that will make you feel at ease and empowered.

Innovative Technologies Put Patient Care And Comfort First.

Novocain might have been the best that your dentist could have offered you as a child, but rest assured, dental technology has changed quite a bit since you were a child. Children of today have no idea how uncomfortable going to the dentist could be, as they are presented with all kinds of options for ease and comfort while undergoing dental care.

  • Digital x rays are becoming easier to take, and with improvements in the way digital imaging is handled, there is less risk of radiation exposure. Often, a patient can sit in the same examination room for x rays and dental care.

  • Screening techniques like VELscope and DIAGNOdent make finding cavities much easier, and with preventative measures that can diagnose and treat issues much sooner, it makes the need for more invasive procedures much less prominent. With our knowledge of the connection between periodontal disease and other areas of the body, it also becomes easier to diagnose and treat issues like chronic inflammation, heart disease, and even cancer.

  • Sedation dentistry seems like a dream come true for patients who struggle with anxiety and fear around dental procedures. Patients can take a small sedative before undergoing dental treatment, and wake up cared for, comfortable, and virtually pain-free.

  • Laser technologies make cleaning, root canals, and tartar removal a breeze, with little need for cutting, drilling, and other procedures that can cause excess bleeding and damage to dental tissues.

Dr. Gordon E. Krueger DDS, MS, PA: Serving Up A Premium Dental Care Experience

Dental appointments have become faster, easier, and more comfortable, and with Dr. Gordon E. Krueger, this is no exception. Use of proven dental technologies and an emphasis on patient-centered care make for a wonderful and caring experience. The right combination of qualified and talented professionals and the use of cutting-edge dental techniques will give you something to smile about. Why not see what we have to offer? Contact us today to make an appointment and get back on track with your dental health. Visit today for more information. A bright and vibrant smile will be yours this year!

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