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The Amazing Future Of Dental Care

A common childhood fear for many is going to the dentist. Who wouldn’t be intimidated by bright lights, the chair that makes funny noises when it moves, and people who surround you with different types of poking and scraping devices? To top off all this discomfort, you have people who are telling you that you have to avoid your favorite sweets and brush your teeth more frequently. Yuck!

The harsh reality, there is a powerful connection between your oral health and the health of the rest of your body, so it is essential that you maintain good oral habits and visit your dental professionals regularly.

If you are one who typically shies away from regular trips to the dentist, there is no need to fear uncomfortable techniques and painful treatments anymore. Dentists are using digital technologies to revolutionize patient comfort and care, leaving you with brighter and more beautiful teeth than ever before. Just envision being able to receive a 3D printed prosthesis custom made for your mouth the same day you visit or being able to grow new teeth in your mouth at the age of 80…..how are these things possible? With these innovations, it has never been easier to have the beautiful smile that you’ve dreamed of.

The Smart Toothbrush

Our homes are already filled with and connected to all types of smart devices that make our lives easier; why would technology in our bathroom be any different? A smart toothbrush contains a sensor that evaluates your brushing techniques, helping you to eliminate bacteria and tartar that can lead to decay. When you are connected to a smartphone or tablet app, you get a real-time view of your mouth, and you are able to see where you need to place more attention. The app will even warn you if you are brushing too hard or using too much pressure. It’s almost as if you have your dentist and the tooth fairy watching over your shoulder, cheering you on and correcting your form!

Virtual Reality Training Techniques

Virtual Reality techniques used in training can revolutionize the way future dentists prepare for their future careers. In years past, only a few students were allowed into oral surgery procedures to peek over the shoulder of the surgeon; with the use of virtual reality technologies, it will enable all who view to be present and to learn by getting up close and personal with the virtual patient.

Another use of VR technology in dentistry is the art of distraction. Undergoing dental procedures with the use of VR distraction effectively reduces anxiety, allowing a patient to feel more comfortable and dental professionals to be able to work without having to devote time to reducing patient stress.


The practice of tele dentistry opens up the element of choice to people that would otherwise have limited access to good dental care. A patient in a rural area wanting a second opinion for a procedure can take pictures and send both x rays and confidential patient information to offices virtually anywhere, making it easier to shop around for the kind of care that you want and need.

3D Printing

Computer-assisted design and 3D printing are turning dentists’ offices into effective labs where you can receive a digital image and a crown all in the same day. More involved dental procedures used to involve several steps and several appointments; with the use of a 3D printer doing all the hard work of making hardware, it simplifies complicated procedures, making them time and cost efficient.

Intra-Oral Camera

If you’ve been around this earth a few times, you’ve likely visited a dentist that uses a tongue depressing, choking mechanism known as a handheld mirror that has instigated many a fight with the soft tissues in your mouth. It is challenging to see all areas of the mouth that need examination, and the use of an intra-oral camera to diagnose and treat issues in the mouth is a great way to head dental issues off at the pass. Allowing all-access to your mouth is necessary if you want to treat and even prevent all types of dental problems.

Dental Regeneration

At the forefront of cutting-edge dental technology is stem cell research; just imagine the implications of being able to grow new teeth that have an identical genetic makeup to your own! Treatments such as these would eradicate the need for invasive procedures such as artificial implants and root canals! While technology such as this might leave some dentists shaking in their coats, more progressive dentists that want to implement advances in their practice are excited about what this means for the dental community.

Dr. Krueger; A Leader In Dental Technologies

With more than 25 years of experience and a commitment to premium patient care, Dr. Gordon E. Krueger DDS, MS, PA and his talented team are dedicated to giving you the most innovative and comprehensive dental care possible. No matter what your dental needs may be, we combine cutting edge technologies and superior service to restore your healthy smile once more. Contact us today to experience vibrant dental health once more. Visit https://www.gordonekruegerdds.com to book your appointment and get on the path to your healthiest and brightest smile!

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