How To Get The Most Out Of Your Dental Insurance Plan

Maintaining your oral health is very important when it comes to maintaining your overall health and wellness. With an array of dentists, specialists, and dental insurance providers to choose from, we have never had more options at our fingertips for premium dental care than we do now.

Although dental care can be expensive for even those who do have dental insurance, there are resources that can be utilized to maximize dental benefits and minimize your out of pocket costs. Here are some smart and savvy ways to maximize your dental benefits and prioritize your dental health.

Stagger your needed dental work when it is appropriate

Scheduling more extensive treatments when there is more coverage available will help you to avoid out of pocket charges. If your dental insurance plan resets itself in January and your dentist would like to schedule a root canal for December, ask if you can put off the work until your plan resets itself. Expensive procedures can most likely be done in stages, and you can take advantage of your coverage and benefits over a period of a couple of years to get the treatment completed. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, do not put off dealing with these issues, as this may indicate that something more serious is brewing.

Get pre-certified, if possible

Dental insurance companies do not like to be surprised by big claims; in these cases, services are not initially covered until you go through the hassle to resubmit claims and ask for coverage. Avoid this “back and forth” negotiation by pre-certifying your services. Have your dentist send in a care plan for approval by your insurance company and evaluate their response once it is received. If you know how much you may potentially have to pay yourself, you can make a plan for coverage.

Take advantage of routine checkups

Dental insurance coverage is meant to be preventative, not reactionary. Taking advantage of routine cleanings, checkups, and dental x rays will help to prevent some more intensive care procedures. Most dental insurance carriers will allow two cleanings and one set of x rays per year; take advantage of this time to professionally clean and care for your teeth and gums, and you’ll be creating optimal conditions for a healthy mouth.

Have a plan for emergencies

We all need to have a plan for unexpected or emergency dental work that needs to be done. Incurring emergency expenses on the weekend or in an emergency room will likely result in additional charges that we may not be prepared for. Talking to your dentist ahead of time and asking for a recommendation on an “after hours” dentist or emergency facility that will take your insurance will be valuable information to have in the event of an emergency.

Understand your coverage and what it means

It is not enough to have dental insurance; you must understand what your coverage means in order for you to take advantage of your benefits. Research your coverage, your limitations, and your exclusions. If you have questions, consult with your dentist to see what kind of care is available to you. Knowledge is power; knowing what you have at your disposal will help you to make educated decisions about your dental health.

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