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Cutting Edge Practices In Dentistry

For decades, it was considered brutal to visit your local dentist. Sitting under glaring lights, having your personal space invaded by several sharp tools, and having to listen to a high-speed drill that makes your whole head vibrate are not experiences we desire to have regularly.

We know how important going to the dentist is, and how crucial our oral health maintenance is in relationship to our overall health, but the potential discomfort and unpleasantness that we associate with going to the dentist keep us from achieving the vibrant, beautiful smile that we deserve.

Innovative dental technologies---improving comfort and efficiency

Thank goodness we are living in a day and age where cutting edge dental practice is making life much easier and more comfortable for everyone involved. An emphasis on prevention and proactive management is reducing the development of cavities that involve more invasive and uncomfortable treatments. Fewer cavities can also be linked to the prevention of periodontal disease; the future of dentistry looks brighter and more comfortable than ever, thanks to the following tools that are now being used in treatment:

  1. The Smart Toothbrush is yet another one of the smart devices that has graced our homes in recent years. These bite-sized wonders have smart sensors installed to monitor our brushing habits. When linked with a smart app, you have the ability to see how well you're doing, as well as receive expert tips on how to improve your oral hygiene habits. For kids, these apps are especially entertaining---you can link your toothbrush to games that make dental care fun for all.

  2. Digital Dentures put to rest the weeks and months of preparation that traditional dentures take to create. Digital technology allows dentists to create custom-fitted dentures in a fraction of the time. Computer-aided design and manufacturing help to make this new process possible; a complete set of custom dentures can be created using a few simple imaging and creation steps.

  3. Augmented Reality is revolutionizing the way that dental students put in their practicum hours. It is particularly useful in demonstrating techniques on dental models and then allowing students to practice their skills. This will completely change the way that we do dental education!

  4. Tele dentistry is the practice of connecting with a dentist via live video chat software. It provides the elderly, and those who live in rural areas access to qualified dental professionals that they might not have had otherwise. Through the use of tele dentistry, patients can share imaging files, allow dentists to take notes that can improve the effectiveness of their care, and point them in the right direction of a dentist in their area that they can connect with to share their dental concerns.

  5. Intra-oral Cameras make exploratory care more comfortable for dental patients. Using a hand-held mirror and attached camera, a dentist can get a close-up view of teeth and gums, providing valuable insight into any dental issues that may be occurring. The days of having to sit with your mouth wide open for long periods of time may very well be a thing of the past.

The innovations now being used in dentistry are truly exceptional, and they promise quality care that makes dental care comfortable and inviting, not grueling and painful. Talking to your dentist about technologies that may be available is the key to developing an individualized plan that will work for you.

Dr. Gordon E. Krueger DDS, MS, PA: Using Cutting Edge Practices For Exceptional Care

The world of dental care is continually evolving, and Dr. Gordon E. Krueger, DDS, MS, PA, is at the hub of dental innovation. A commitment to patient comfort and satisfaction, exceptional service, and knowledgeable staff combine to make your experience a positive and proactive one. Don't put off your dental care and compromise your dental health because you think it might be uncomfortable; make your appointment today. A bright and beautiful smile will soon be yours!

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