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Tips For A Picture Perfect Smile For The New Year

The New Year is a time for celebration, parties and photos. How’s your smile? Mustering up your best toothy grin for these occasions can be a little exhausting, and it can also be a little bit embarrassing if your smile is not at its whitest and brightest.

If you have neglected your formerly pearly whites, now is the time to get them back into shape for all of the additional viewings; here are some tips for keeping your smile vibrant and beautiful this holiday season and beyond:

Enjoy those new year sweets and treats in moderation

While it may be quite tempting to indulge in every piece of divinity, every piece of fudge that is offered to you, all of that extra sugar is going to be sticking around a lot longer than those delicious flavors are. Feel free to indulge in your favorite treat this holiday season, but make sure you have a toothbrush nearby so you can combat the extra plaque that could be forming on your teeth.

Load up on crudite

There are bound to be fresh veggie trays at all of these holiday gatherings--why not stock up on fresh veggies that not only keep teeth clean by helping to remove excess plaque, they also freshen breath and keep your diet on track.

Brush, floss, and repeat

Don’t use your hectic holiday schedule as an excuse to get off track with your dental hygiene habits; commit to regular brushing, flossing, and repeating as needed. A minimum of twice daily is required to keep your teeth looking and feeling their healthiest, so set aside time in your busy days leading up to the holidays for some regular oral care.

Drink more water

Chronic dehydration can not only increase your urge to graze, but it can also increase the formation of plaque on your teeth and cause bacteria to take up residence in the soft tissues of your mouth. Healthy doses of water that accompany food, as well as keeping up with drinking water during the day, will do wonders for flushing bacteria out of your mouth.

Mind your pH levels

All of that extra sugar, fruit, and even wine can disturb the pH balance of not only your mouth, but your whole body. If you must indulge in these sweet and acidic treats, keep a glass of water nearby, or brush and floss soon after consuming to minimize the damage done to teeth.

Keep your appointments

It might be tempting to push back those pre- or post-holiday appointments that you have set with your dentist, but it is now more important than ever to keep up with your oral health care. There can be excess damage done to your teeth as a result of all that holiday indulgence. Getting your teeth professionally cleaned and assessed by your dentist will help to minimize any issues that could arise from partaking in your favorite sweets.

Time for a dental tune-up? Call us!

Dr. Gordon E. Krueger, DDS, MS, PA and his team can help to restore your healthiest and brightest smile, just in time for the holidays. You can have your cake, and you can have your most vibrant smile for show in all of those pictures that family and friends will be taking. Make an appointment today and get that smile in shape for your celebrations. Visit https://www.gordonekruegerdds.com for more information. Your picture-perfect smile will soon be ready!

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