Cosmetic Bondings

Cosmetic Bonding


Dental bonding is a common cosmetic procedure that allows a dentist to repair or reshape a smile using a composite resin material. This type of cosmetic bonding is the right choice if you have insecurity about your smile and want an affordable alternative to veneers or orthodontics. Chipped and uneven teeth can be repaired with bonding affordably and easily, improving the look and function of your teeth. Plus, bonding often requires no anesthetic and can be completed in just one visit at our St. Petersburg office. 

Bonding material, like most other kinds of restorations and repair solutions, wears and discolors over time and will need to be replaced eventually, but it will likely provide good results for many years.  

Choose cosmetic bonding for:

  • Closing gaps or spaces
  • Repairing chipped teeth
  • Repairing teeth with cavities
  • Adding length to short teeth
  • Protecting exposed roots from receding gums
  • Correcting badly discolored teeth


What is involved with dental bonding?

Dental bonding starts with isolating the teeth that will be worked on and etching them so the bonding material will adhere. The etching creates small crevices that will facilitate bonding.  

Next, the dentist applies the bonding resin that holds the tooth-colored composite in place. After multiple layers of the composite are applied, it is shaped and hardened with a special light. When fully set, bonded areas are smoothed out, buffed to a polish and blended in with surrounding natural teeth. To regain a confident smile, contact our St. Petersburg team and learn more about dental bonding and tooth repair solutions.