Implant Maintenance

Implant Maintenance

implant maintenance

To maintain the life of your dental implants in St. Petersburg, it’s important to clean and repair them just as well as you would your natural teeth.  

Our office will instruct you on daily home cleaning and repair of your dental implant in St. Petersburg. 

You should also visit our St. Petersburg dental implant cleaning and repair specialists for professional cleanings twice a year, where we actively debride the implant to help prevent disease. During this process, we remove the dental implant at our St. Petersburg facility, clean and repair both the implant and abutment with special dental instruments so as not to scratch or damage it, and reinsert it. 

Not only is the appliance thoroughly cleaned at this visit, but we conduct an examination of the entire implant system, including the occlusion and superstructure stability. Minor adjustments can be made, as well as implant clips or O-rings replaced, where necessary.